Who is svvitale?

Datsun · Code · Beer · Founder

Created by Scott Vitale / @svvitale


Turns out...

... when you buy a car for $700, there might be a few things that need fixing ...


  • Embedded C (Firmware)
  • Perl
  • Python
  • C++ / C#
  • Ember.js

Backend or Frontend?

Neither. Both.

Definitely not a designer!

Enterprise or Startup?

Neither. Both.

Enterprise can offer a lot of opportunity for modern developers...

...but I'm still a startup guy.


A critical component of my success.

Ballmer Peak

I used to say that I've written some of my best code under the influence...
Truth is that it was my most inspired code (not my best).
When did I know I was a developer?
When I realized that given enough time, I could build ANYTHING.

Hugely empowering!


What is Spigot Labs?

Data collection for the modern event

  • Job fairs
  • Trade shows / conferences
  • Beer festivals!
Founder means many things
Founder = Army of One Code Guy
Founder = Business Dude, like it or not
Founder = Tech support, for me and all my users
Founder = Janitor
Some days you're the zombie, some days you're the one-armed chainsaw dude
Through it all, taking the time to learn something new has always served me well
[Datsun, Code, Beer, Founder].reduce(() => {
    return "Keep Growing";